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Thread: Mute Button Not Working in Embedded SWF

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    Mute Button Not Working in Embedded SWF

    The mute button code I have works perfect when the SWF is played itself, but when it is embedded in a wrapper SWF it no longer works. I know that it is the code that references _loc1. I have the root locked in the first frame of the embedded swf with this:

    this._lockroot = true;
    Here is the code in question. I just need to know how to change this code to make it work when this SWF is embedded in another SWF:

    btn.onPress = function () {
        var _loc1 = _root.snd.getVolume();
        _root.snd.setVolume(Math.abs(_loc1 - 100));
    }; // Mute button actions
    my_ns.onStatus = function (objStatus) {
        var _loc1 = handleFLVevents(objStatus);


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    I know this thread is really old, but I never got this working...
    Been Flashing since v3.

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