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Thread: Aligning popupmenu... (fireworks)

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    Hi i have a big problem (i cant get done with my homepage) i have made my self a popupmenu in fireworks, and that popupmenu is to the top left in my topp frame on my homepage (www.theblixxx.com) butt i also want lots off more popupmenus in that topp frame, (popupmenus all the way from the left to the right in the top frame) so i have been searching all off the internet (it feels so) trying to find a tutorial/answer to this, butt with no luck... can u PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me with this so i can get done with this popupmenus and go forward with the rest off my homepage??? PLEASE i realy need your help!!!
    Kristoffer Langholm... Norway

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    hiya Krisoffer,

    i'm not sure i really understand your problem but i try...

    you said you set a popup menue in your top frame, and now
    you want several others and the right hand of that first
    one (in your top frame).

    i never used fireworks, but i believe it puts those popups
    each in a table. putting tables side by side in html can
    be hell.

    ever tried to make that with dhmtl and html?.

    what happenes when you try putting those popups together
    in your browser?

    maybe you can give us a link so we can look at your

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    hello again Kristoffer,

    i just found a great resource for dhtml coding.

    maybe it helpes you:


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