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Thread: Browser not releasing Memory, Profiler works OK

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    Browser not releasing Memory, Profiler works OK

    I'm developing a FLEX application using FLEX Builder with version 3.5 SDK. The problem that I have is that the Browser consumes more and more memory until it slows down or errors.

    When I run the application using the Flex Builder profiler the Memory usage never gets above 15MB. As I open and close display objects the Memory is released as expected.

    However, looking at Windows Task Manager the browser consumes more memory every time that I open anything and doesn't release the memory when it is closed. I have tries Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE, they all do the same.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Use it sparingly; it is a total and utter abomination to those who like to code proper:

    new LocalConnection().connect('abcdefg');
    new LocalConnection().connect('abcdefg');
    catch (e:*)
    // none

    This code throws a silent error which causes memory purge to be forced.

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