Strictly speaking about the DB and Marvel comics here.

I'm not into comics, except for what I guess we all know thanks to pop culture, movies, and tv. But I picked up a Batman/Superman comic the other day, and while it's easy to understand, it has so many references to things I have no clue what they're about.

For example, I didn't know that superman was married to Lois Lane, or that Lex Luthor is dead. They mentioned some characters names I've never heard about, and talk about some dead dudes (like, Robin died?).

It seems like the superhero universe is really complicated. How do you do if you want to start reading comics nowadays? You have to get issues since 1995 so you can understand everything that's going on? Do you have to read everything that comes out? Is there continuity in comics, like, every Spiderman series continues from the core story, or they reboot everything every time?

Are you into these type of comics? I see now that you really have to be nerdy to keep up with it seriously, the superhero world is more complex than Lost.