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Thread: Duplicate a duplicateMovieClip(); with loadMovie();

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    Duplicate a duplicateMovieClip(); with loadMovie();

    //Flash Lite 1.1
    duplicateMovieClip("mc", "mc1", 1);
    loadMovie("P.swf", "mc1");
    setProperty("Dup", _x, 5);
    setProperty("Dup", _y, 5);
    This is not going to work. It displays the P.swf in "mc1" but not in "Dup" movieclip.

    What is the procedure to do that?

    Many Thanks..

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    I searched but not find any solution to get it in Flash Lite 1.1....

    Alternatively on Flash Lite 2.x has a bitmap data process to copy bitmap of the external movie or image, which is not going to work in 1.1.

    So, is there no way to control except loading twice in different movieclip?

    This will be complicated to handle large projects. And it will also not been user friendly though a little bit flexible in loading according as per the user's demand.

    I have a doubt whether mobiEXPLORE or some big projects of OVI stores etc. on Flash Lite 1.1 will able to handle their applications to fit on small memories or not.

    What is the alternatives they apply?

    Is there someone how are with them or know how to handle such issues in Flash Lite 1.1.

    I am looking forward of your replies...........



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    This issue of Flash Lite1.1 will solve if you construct your framework in main timeline.

    You have to load same .swf file in separate mc1 and dup1 movieclips simultaneously, as you need. To do this make a loop to a certain frame in main timeline to load .swf files until they load successfully. Putting a pre-loader will show the total percentage of loading of the movies it loads.

    You can make external .swf file with a loaded1="yes"; variable in the end frame of it, so every time the movie load in loops it will loop till the if(eval("loaded" add x) eq "yes"){} condition meets.

    I'm not relate to mobiEXPLORE, and have no idea how they handle their projects, but this is sure the above Tips can able to handle as much as you can manage for a large projects. Remove duplicate clips when it not in use or load different external .swf file in same mc and dup clips, by which it replace the previous loaded .swf file from those clips.

    Best Regards


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