I'm working on a flashlite 3.1 touchscreen device running a flash app that I've written. At certain times, I need to be able to enter text, so I created an onscreen keyboard that updates a dynamic textfield.

If I use a dynamic textfield, a caret doesn't appear, and you can tell where you are entering text. Using some of the text metric info, I've been able to *draw* a caret at the proper position for single line textfields. However, when I try and handle multiline textfields (with wordwrap on), I can seem to figure out what line the *caret* would be or how to breakdown what text is on each line. Has anybody had any success with this? Obviously, hard newlines could be parsed, but the wordwrap is giving me grief.

In addition, for the Selection class to work, the textfield must have focus. In flashlite, this results in a yellow box around the input, which looks horrible. Is there a way to disable the yellow box?