Hello - I'm working on a flash music site (http://moronica.net.index2.html) and am trying to integrate a 480x320 .flv into a frame loop in the "game" section of the main movie.

I first tried loading a .swf version of the same file but I couldn't get the file to unload and it really slowed down the performance of the main movie.
That was Thursday.

So I tried to use quicktime but flash CS4 no longer accepts it.

All day yesterday I've been working with a .flv version (which doesn't look nearly as good) and tried to directly import it but got an error ("no such file exists") even when it's right next to the other files.

With the Wizard I tried both picking the local file and assigning the URL of the file previously uploaded to my site.

So i then tried to use actionscript to load it into the actions layer on the frame at the beginning of the "game" scene which after hours of fiddling finally worked.

Here's the current problem:

I just want it to loop until someone clicks to go to another section but now what happens is the video and sound from the .flv keep playing even after you click on another button to navigate away from this scene.

I tried online to find a way to unload the .flv but none of them worked - wen thru pages and pages of google searches but the suggested coding did not prevent the .flv from unloading.

here's my code which is in the actions layer at the beginning of the "game" scene:

var vid:Video = new Video(480, 320);



var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();

var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);

var listener:Object = new Object();
listener.onMetaData = function(evt:Object):void {};
ns.client = listener;


It is very frustrating that Adobe makes it incredibly difficult for an intermediate user to do such a basic thing - load a swf or flv into an fla and have it play, then stop playing when someone navigates away. RIDICULOUS.

So any help would be most appreciated and sorry for the type o negativity