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Thread: Experimental Panorama

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    Experimental Panorama


    Was looking into different methods for taking panoramas. I'd only ever tried panos with 1 row (e.g. 7 photos all shot in portrait orientation running horizontally across the image). So - thought I'd try multiple rows in 1 panorama. This shot is 4 rows of around 15 images per row (each shot using portrait orientation).

    The resulting image was huge - something like 25,000 pixels wide - and took PS an age to merge them. The problem (as you'll see) is that with that many photos, I had to take them at different exposures to allow for shadows and highlights on this bright, contrasty day - the photo is very poorly blended together.

    That said, I'm still pleased with the impact of the size of the image - shooting it this way meant I got no distortion at the edge of the shot as you would with a wide angle.

    Anyway - here's the shot: http://johnloydall.co.uk/panoramas/lake.jpg

    Like I say, the processing is pretty poor but I really like the construction of the image.

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    Very nice indeed. When I do pano's I usually do 1 row or 3. 1 for the ground area, 1 for the middle, and the top for the sky. Unless it is a simple 1 row I think photomerge gets easily confused- so I have a lot of unprocessed panos that I need to do by hand.

    I am all moved in so maybe tonight I will get my computer up and running and do some edits as I won't have internet to distract me
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