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Thread: XML pop up window

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    XML pop up window

    Hello Everyone..

    I am new here...its good to have the chance to solve my questions through this forum!

    I have an xml code where it loads images into a 3d Flash gallery...
    Those images are clickable and when clicked they play a .swf file...

    However i need to modify the code to play this .swf file in a pop up window at this size (590x280). Can XML do this? If yes...then how?

    Here is my XML code...

    <thumbnail filename="furniture.png" url="furniture.swf" target="_blank"
    title="Furniture and Interiors"
    description=" View a sample of our Furniture and Interiors Exhibition here... " />
    Thanks in advance for your time and help

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    You may need to write a JavaScript function which launches a new window with the .swf as part of the query into a custom .swf player window containing SWFObject or whatever Embed you use. Then read back the name of the file and inject it into the window again using JavaScript. That's how I would approach it anyway.

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    As upper said,you can use Javascript SWFobject to embed, then editing in the JavaScript.

    But off course there is other way to solve the problem.

    Which software are you using?

    In fact there are many software that has such setting on resizing the flash, fixing the ulr to be opened in a new window. And also has the JS SWFobject embedding. The code can be even auto generated. (I guess you are using the similar program, you can check it yourself or find help with the support of the program)

    Here are some softwares I know has setting above,


    flash photo slideshow

    Photo flash maker
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