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Thread: reduce vector file size

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    reduce vector file size

    When it comes to imported vector graphics are there any methods to decrease the swf's file size as much as possible?

    So far I have:
    - imported an illustrator ai file (strokes 'expanded' in illustrator and unneeded swatches/brushes etc. deleted and with no raster images embedded)
    - exported the file in illustrator as swf and imported that swf into flash
    - imported ai file and breaking it down to flash shapes
    - optimized those shapes as much as possible

    I rather use vector as much as possible. For a banner for examle, I've imported vector images of trees. I couldn't get it below 40 kb so I exported all illustrator files to png files which helped. Can detailed vector images be optimized just as much? Or is it better to use bitmap files when it comes to more detailed graphics? Does it matter if it is a vector images made in flash or a imported vector file even if both have the same number of paths?

    Any other ideas I might try besides the things I've already tried?

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    What I've tried when dealing with complex shapes was to copy from illustrator and to paste-import in flash as bitmap instead of complex ai vectors, then to trace bitmap, then to fill original colors. You'll lose lot of information, and have to do it at the right size, but if you do it carefully the results will be very good.

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