This page is mostly HTML/CSS with a Flash swf at the top that simply rotates through some images:

If you visit the page in Firefox for either major OS and use the View: Zoom controls to zoom out (making the page and text smaller), Firefox cuts off the swf at the right.

I'm using the Version Detect option (so I can serve up a still image for iPad), but I'm also using it here, and this page doesn't have the same problem:

This page on the same site does show the problem:

I've tried various publish settings in Flash including transparent windowless, I've tried various CSS changes, including overflow: visible on the containing div. If I turn off JavaScript so Firefox sees the still jpg image instead of the Flash file, it doesn't cut it off.

I have the Flash Publish size set to match movie, so the width and height are declared explicitly in the script.

Has anyone found a work-around for this behavior?