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Thread: inserting f4v into webpage

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    inserting f4v into webpage

    i have searched for the past couple hours and goofed around a bit and cant sort out this issue. i have a .f4v video (h264) that i want to show on my webpage. of course i cant find any way to have dreamweaver insert or recognize the f4v file. i have read about renaming the f4v extension to flv but all that shows then is a blank screen. anyone have any ideas? thanks.

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    you can convert f4v to swf like flv to swf, then insert into webpage. What for me,I use Flash Video MX Pro. Its soft to convert video and DVD to Flash, supports both SD video and HD video like TS, M2TS, MOD, TOD video importing as well as F4V, H.464 video encoding. It's helps me a lot. , you can have a try too.

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    You can't directly "insert" either an f4v or an flv into a web page.
    The correct method is to insert a media player into the page and then use the media player to play the video.
    JW Player or Flow Player are both popular media players:
    The video player will be the .swf file that plays the video. Then use swfobject to place that .swf onto the html Web page:
    Good luck!
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