Hi there,

So i'm working on a mac. i've got a scene with the FLVPlayback component which plays an FLV file. The FLV has been encoded in quicktime pro, and contains no video, only audio (this is what I want).

It plays fine on the mac, however, when i transfer it to PC to test it, it sort of buffers the track (green diagonal lines moving over seek bar) for about 4 seconds, then starts playing for 1 second. then stops. If you try to click play, nothing happens.

It feels like it has loaded the track, but just can't play it. It's odd that it works fine on the mac but not the PC. I tried it with another FLV that contains a video and audio, and that works. And it's not like the audio FLV is a huge file either, its like 3.7mb while the video is more like 150mb.

Any suggestions?