So I got this animation, I'm moving the head, coordinating the eyes. getting ready for the lip syncing and then when I simulate....It get REALLY Choppy.

Now, maybe I'm just dumb; but I can't find a good reason why it would be this choppy. I got a very good computer now with 4 Gigs Ram and a great processor, my publish settings are the usual fare (compress, 44 kb sound, etc...), and other parts in the movie with comparable movement don't get as choppy.

Only things different:

1: In this scene I am using Vcam. The cam isn't moving in the shot, but it is in this scene.

2: There are a total of 12 layers moving (A characters head with eyebrows, eyes and mouth; he's just moving his head to enunciate a couple of words...), but again, I have comparable in other scenes. Some slowdown would be expected, but even on low quality the flash outright freezes.

3: Bandwidth profiler is much higher in other places, but in the instance I'm speaking off, theres no demand.

4: The scene does have a LOT of layers, but only 12 are moving. The camera is close up, so only about 20-22 of the total layers actually matter.

5:My frame rate is pretty high, it's at 30. But again, another scene (A whole scene pan, no Vcam, with 2 10layer characters in a loop animation with 2 large sound files in the background) Does not lag at all.

The thing is, in this instance, it just absolutely freezes. Not even in Low Quality, it just shows about 2 frames off the 30+ in the animation, and then it kinda freezes for a bit, then comes back to where the animation finishes. I am dumbfounded, or maybe just dumb.

Maybe I'm missing something SUPREMELY obvious, but I've been looking for info for HOURS with no avail. I really wanna solve this so I can get back to animating. Any help is appreciated.

Using Flash CS3