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Thread: Moving all instances along a tween in CS4

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    Moving all instances along a tween in CS4

    I would like to select all the instances along a motion tween, at each keyframe, and move them over the same amount, all at once. Can this be done?

    It can be done in a classic tween using "Edit Multiple Frames".


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    Is it a single motion tween, or multiple tweened objects? If you want to move all the keyframes of a single motion tween over a certain distance, select the motion path on the stage (it appears highlighted), and then move the path to a new location.

    If you have multiple tweened instances and want to do this, you can select all of the motion paths so they're all highlighted (shift select or marquee-drag select) and then move the paths the same way. You will need to make sure " Always Show Motion Paths" is enabled in the motion PI. Select a motion tween in order to see the motion PI.

    If you're trying to do something different, let me know!

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