Hey, there, first post. Found this place whe looking for help with my issue.

I've used Flash before, years ago, for doing dynamic menus for sites. My problem here, though, is with an absurdly simple game (If you can call it that).

The idea is to click on an audio cable, and have it change into a position. I've made it into a button, but when I click the button, it changes back on release. I've looked for ages, now, trying to find a solution in I don't know how many PDFs, tutorials and textfiles, but I either can't find it, or make heads nor tails of what it's saying.

What the "Game" would hopefully do is get the player to click on two audio cables so they're plugged into an effect pedal and a mixer and YAY! Game completed. Sounds dumb, yeah, but it has its purpose !

Any help at all would be much appreciated. I'm using Flash Pro 8. Thanks!