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Thread: Two Options - Opinions Needed!

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    Two Options - Opinions Needed!

    Hi guys,

    So I'm just continuing working on my larger project and before I move onto this next part, I need to decide now how to approach it so I can start designing around it.

    Basically, this tactics based game will obviously have various maps which will contain the battle, story progression, music and all those elements. Now, there are two options I can think of (offer more if there's any ) and I would like to know which would be better both in terms of efficiency and ease.

    Option 1
    Every 'map' is a separate movie that contains all the elements within it including map data to display, and dialog and movement, enemies (positioning, statistics etc), and player start positions. This would be loaded into the main movie which contains the GUI, menu and elements that would be shared throughout all maps.

    Now there's obviously still a need for some database interaction such as retrieving party info like stats and equipment as well as retrieving enemy unit information based on what the unit is. But the larger information would all be done through the movie storing it, itself.

    Option 2

    Probably the 'real' way of doing it. We have a database set up now and successfully storing and retrieving data. We could store all the information within here, however my main concern is this:

    How do you store the 'information' needed for dialog and cinematic in a logical way that you can use the same code to read through it, and execute movement etc at any given point in the battle map? If that makes sense.

    Anyways, your opinions are greatly appreciated as always!
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    If you aren't going to spread this across the various portals and having external resources isn't a problem, then you can always use a hybrid solution of xml+Mysql. Again, with clever usage of php, you can always generate xml on the go, from your database, you just need to be clear about your logic and goals.
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