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Thread: My first flash site . Boy this is unexpected

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    My first flash site . Boy this is unexpected

    Hello to all and here is my current issue

    I just got a template and changed a couple things, and I need major help!
    That's dangelodebtsolutions .com

    I have relatives and co-workers telling em they see errors on the page. I seriously think they may need to update the flash on the computer.

    I see no square box (es), which symbolizes a flash text character error right?

    I also would like to know why I am having trouble making the contact form work. It never goes past "sending..."
    Is this a safe enough place for me to upload my .fla file?

    So, people tell me there are all kinds of errors, yet I can't find a single one.

    Is this common?

    Thx to all reading this!

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    I see no problems at all.

    First link that opens up is INTRODUCTION.

    Then on the right there are colour coded squares, with the names of the links, which when clicked, move to the left, revealing the relevant content.

    works beautifully.

    You may want to change the name of the html file from "Accordion Template - XML" to something more relevant.

    Hope that helps
    Unrepentant Rebel & Boat Rocker

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    Just ask them to screenshot it, because everything looks normal to me.

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