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Thread: Desparate for help with Papervision model import

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    Desparate for help with Papervision model import

    I am pulling my hair out. I have spent hours upon hours searching, and I can't even find other people with the same problem.

    I am trying to import models generated in Blender to PV3d. I am using the Collada exporter, and I can't seem to get it right. When I use the Collada parser in PV3D, the model doesn't even show up. When I use the DAE parser, it shows up, but with a random smattering of the polys with their normals flipped!

    Everything I have read suggests that importing a model from Blender to PV3D shouldn't be this hard. I can't seem to figure any of it out! Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
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    I've been having the same problem from blender, with the Rozengain as3 exporter, which I may post on these boards if I can't find the solution.

    As to collada, here is a good tutorial that helped me.


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