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Thread: Flash Hex Colors

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    Flash Hex Colors

    Hey all!

    I'm probably overlooking something pretty simple, but apparently, when utilizing flash, you cannot use common hex colors like #ffffff, instead you have to use 0x0123456 (as an example).

    Does anyone know of a resource where I can convert traditional hex to this style, so I may use it with my caurina transitions?

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    Never mind, folks.

    It's truly AMAZING what actually SEARCHING for the answer will yield!

    Sorry for the interruption, folks!

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    For anyone finding this thread in search, the difference is only in the way the values are written. HTML uses '#' to denote a hex number, while as3 (as well as many other languages) uses a "0x" prefix. The actual values are still given in hexadecimal. The value consists of pairs of hexadecimal digits for possible values between 0 and 256 for each channel. For RGB, there are 3 channels: Red, Green, and Blue. Flash uses this format as well as ARGB, which is Alpha, Red, Green, and Blue.

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