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Thread: Player.IO update - GameFS, BigDB example, webrequest etc.

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    Player.IO update - GameFS, BigDB example, webrequest etc.

    Hey flashkit!

    So it's finally time for a quick Player.IO update on Player.IO API's and services.

    We just released new service called GameFS. GameFS is a open ended file hosting service for developers. The service includes: asset file hosting, per file revision control, FTP upload, static urls and automatic wrapper generation for flash files.

    GameFS features | GameFS documentation

    Since we released we have had a lot of requests for the ability to use 3rd party databases and services from the multiplayer servers. This is now possible using the new webrequest library.

    WebRequest documentation

    To make it easier to get started with Player.IO we also updated the development package to contain more examples. Most interestingly the developer package now contains a BigDB example game.

    We also added a .NET client API for people wishing to develop games in .NET rather than Flash. Notice that full Unity and Silverligt support is still in development.

    Get the development package

    As always our decisions on what to develop next is based on your feedback. Thus if you have an idea for a kickass feature or service. Write here or send me an email at chris at player.io

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    Yeah I can think of one thing... make it cheaper

    The free plan is great for the most part, except for the required branding. $1/month should be able to remove that. Also, you should be able to upgrade specific features of your plan at a monthly cost. For example, if you want to double the number of concurrent users, add a few dollars per month.
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