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Thread: Need a Solution

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    Need a Solution

    I am a beginner and I need a solution or a tool/help...

    I have a picture of a map of a building with different rooms. I need to create something like a virtual tour to put it in the website such that when the mouse is moved over these rooms, another picture of the room should pop out.

    So, it is something like a basic tour where there is one base picture(the map) and when mouse is rolled over different places of the picture (different rooms), another picture should pop out ( the pic of the rooms).

    Which tool can be used for this and how easily can this be done... I have all te pictures but i am struggling to put all these together and make it pop up bcos I am not able to find the exact tool to develop this. Please give any suggestion for this solution

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    You'll need to create invisible buttons over each room.

    For the pix of the room that you need to be make visible when the mouse is over a particular area, you'll need to create individual MovieClips, that contain a jpg image of that room.

    The Movie Clips will have the first frame blank and also have a stop() action.
    The image will be on the second or anyother keyframe - also with a stop() action.

    The MovieClips when placed on the stage, should all have an instance name, such as kitchen, bathroom etc.

    The invisible buttons, will target each of these MovieClips.

    The obvious code will be:

    //this code opens the pix in the MC named kitchen
    	_root.kitchen.gotoAndStop (frame number)
    // this code hides the kitchen image
    	_root.kitchen.gotoAndStop (1)
    Similar code should be attached to all your other buttons.

    Hope that helps
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