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Thread: 3x3 slide puzzle

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    3x3 slide puzzle

    I am currently attempting to build a 3x3 slide puzzle (the ones where one space is empty and you slide the other pieces into the empty slot until the picture is back in order) and am wanting to make it so that when a piece is clicked it will switch places with the empty piece if it is touching it. Does anyone know of either a good tutorial site where I could find out how to do this or have any suggestions as to what the switching code should be? I am working in Flash CS5 using Actionscript 3.0. Thank you in advance for any ideas.

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    The best way to go about that would be to learn about 2D arrays, since they take on the 'shape' of a grid. You would then just number each piece of the puzzle from 1-9, and place that number into the array to represent each piece.

    Assuming that 1 is the blank tile, you could always check through the surrounding 'four' parts of the array to see if the selected tile is touching the part of the array with the number 1. If so, move and update the array:


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