In this project, a tile list of a dozen motorcycle thumb images should show up on the right side of the stage, and when clicked, a large image and descriptive text should tween into center stage.
The .fla project works perfectly when compiled to a swf from within Flash locally. When published live on a website, it's partly inop. HELP!

All of the images and information are in an xml file. All images are actually on the server, and in a few places simultaneously... The root, the 'images/' folder where the xml actually calls for them to be. No images show up.
Also, five album cover art thumbnails should populate another small tile list at the bottom.
Now, the music plays when you click a phantom tile list item, so that proves the xml is kosher. but none of the motorcycle images show up at all, not even the tile list 'chrome'... yet the chrome for the album art does show up.

Creating nice swfs is one thing, but it's all for naught if I can't publish 'em live.