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    Now I feel silly... Where's Site Check?!

    Hey Guys!
    Long time no... post...!
    So I recently redid my site and thought hey, I'ma head over to FK and get a general review/responses. I'll do this under... Site Check!
    Lo and behold, the main link to Site Check is gone.
    That or my reading skills are clumsy and I keep skipping it...
    After a search, I found posts from mid-August on the board, then noticed the "Post New" button was gone.
    Buh... buh... but WHYYYYY?
    Sorry I haven't been following the latest, perhaps it was disabled for a reason, but really-- I thought this was a very helpful board to have, and now that I need it most, it's gone!
    Sooo yeah. Bring back Site Check! Cool Sites was also great for inspiration. (I've been off FK for a while so maybe this isn't anything new?)

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