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Getting Form List data in php
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Thread: Getting Form List data in php

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    Getting Form List data in php


    I have a form in flash which needs to sent to email. The basic form is done and all value is going to email. But I am not able to value of post of dynamic form element like page no, code, description and qty in php email script. Please see attached image for reference

    I am using Flash 8.

    Below is php script I am using with flash

    PHP Code:
    $sendTo "";
    $subject "Flash php email Test - ".date("d-m-Y H:i:s");

    $headers "From: " $_POST["name"] ." ("$_POST["StatusContactName"] . ")<" $_POST["receiver_email"] .">\r\n";

    $headers .= "Reply-To: " $_POST["receiver_email"] . "\r\n"

    $headers .= "Return-path: " $_POST["receiver_email"];

    $message =  "Contact Name = ".$_POST["name"];
    $message .= "\r\nStatus of Contact Name = ".$_POST["StatusContactName"];
    $message .= "\r\nYour Conpany Name = ".$_POST["company"];
    $message .= "\r\nYour Telephone No = ".$_POST["telephone"];
    $message .= "\r\nEmail Sent to = ".$_POST["message_email_from"];
    $message .= "\r\nYour Email Id  = ".$_POST["receiver_email"];
    $message .= "\r\nProduct Count  = ".count($_POST["code"]);
    $message .= "\r\nProduct Count  = ".print_r($_POST);


    Below is Flash AS Code

    Actionscript Code:
    for (i = 1; i < idlist; i++)
            var obj = eval("basket_win.bodyMv.listitem" + i);
            set("sendEmailVars.product_" + j, obj.code.text);
            set("sendEmailVars.quantity_" + j, obj.quantity.value);
            set("sendEmailVars.description_" + j, obj.description.text);
            set("sendEmailVarsBack.product_" + j, obj.code.text);
            set("sendEmailVarsBack.quantity_" + j, obj.quantity.value);
            set("sendEmailVarsBack.description_" + j, obj.description.text);
        } // end of for

    I need to get post value of text of page no, code, description & quantity which are in multiple rows.

    Looking forward for early help.

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