Hi, im creating a flash website, in which the entire user interface is flash based, i was wondering if there is an easy way to set the site up so that if the user goes to www.example.com it goes to the home page, but if they type in www.example.com/page1, the flash video will start on the page 1 frame, and if they change this to /page5, it will go to the page 5 frame.

So far the only solution i can see is recreating the flash file to have the page 1 frame as the first frame, so when users navigate to the /page1 page, it will be a unique movie clip, starting on the page1 frame, and for every page have a unique movie clip starting on the frame corresponding to the page.

Any other ways to do it? maybe in actionscript, or html? I will probably set the site up in dreamweaver, but any solution that will work is better than recreating the movie for every single page.