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Thread: Connect to C# server from flash client using SSL/TLS

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    Connect to C# server from flash client using SSL/TLS

    Good afternoon everyone,

    We are currently in the process of trying to connect a c# server from a flash app. This hasnt been a problem so far - we have simply used the Socket class.

    We now have a requirement to encrypt the stream using SSL/TLS. This is no problem in c#, but much more problematic on the flash side. So far we have found two options: As3crypto lib, and AIR 2.0 SecureSocket. However, neither option has proved to be successful.

    As3Crypto - TLSSocket
    Using this method when we execute the code, the server throws an exception - this appears to be due to As3Crpyto's PARTIAL support of TLS.

    AIR 2.0 - SecureSocket
    We are currently using the latest Flex 4 SDK. We have imported AirGlobal.swc to alllow us to create a SecureSocket in a similar manner to the TLSSocket. The code builds but does not run - some File Not found error or something - probably because SecureSocket is not found in the runtime. I assume this is because AIR is intended for desktop applications rather than apps embedded in a browser.

    So, now we're stuck. We have the option of encrypting the data instead using some PGP algorithm available in the As3Crypto lib. However, we would much prefer to encrypt the stream using something like TLSSocket or SecureSocket.

    Please could somebody help?

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    I'd add that we are using:

    Flex 4 SDK
    FlashDevelop IDE
    Latest version of Flash Player

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    Question SecureSocket with c# or c++ server?

    Have you had any success?

    I'm trying to do something similar using either a C# or c++ server with no luck. If I don't use SecureSocket and use Socket or XMLSocket then my policy server is called and everything works perfectly. But the moment I'm using SecureSocket everything breaks.

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