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Thread: How to make preloader for *flv video

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    Lightbulb How to make preloader for *flv video

    Hi All,
    I created animated intro in After Effects for website for my village. The final file was exported
    from AE as *flv. The size was about 3.5 Mb, so I decided to create preloader for it in Flash. I created
    in Flash logo which fills from the bottom to the top while intro loads instead of loading strip. When I
    test it in Flash – Control/Test movie and in Testing window – View/Simulate Download – it works
    perfect. The final format from Flash is *swf. I inserted that *swf into *html file in Dreamweaver, and
    published it together with Java Script supporting files on the server, but it doesn’t work on‐line.
    Preloader is visible only for 1 second and it breaks, and animation appears after 20‐40 seconds break
    (depending on the Internet speed) but it loads in parts only and not smoothly. I created 2 preloaders
    with 2 different actions scripts 3, both works fine in Flash, but on‐line result is still the same. You
    can preview the problem here:


    I created the second preloader using this tutorial:


    First one was based on tutorial from the Flash Bible.

    Does anybody know what cause this problem with preloader? Is it because of the file format, and the fact that video loads along the time line? Is there any different action script
    intentionally written for bringing *flv video to flash instead of heavy picture? I did not find on the Internet any tutorials for the preloading *flv files

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    Are you importing the video to stage or embedding the video? I could never get a preloader to work importing to stage but never had a problem when embedding. Once thing to remember about embedding is the SWF file must be in the same FPS as the video your embedding or you will run into audio/video sync issues.
    Hope that helps, I am very new to this but almost all my experience has been with making flash videos.

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