Hey guys.

I am trying to make a website for my design portfolio. I want to make a shape that looks like this:

My attempts so far have been frustrating. I've been able to make a shape involving 4 of the prisms, but once I try to make it look like a sphere I run into several issues.

It appears that the two shapes are connected on the left side of this image, but once I added a rotation script and tested it, the two shapes separated at certain points. It's proving very difficult to make them truly connect on all of the axes so that it doesn't create this problem in the animation. I circled what I'm talking about and labeled it "1" in the image.

Also, the prisms are intended to have a front panel that is a different color than the side panels. However, when the prism is rotated so that you are viewing the back side of it, you can still see the front panel through the side panels. Ideally, this would not happen, and you would only see the front panel when you are viewing the front of the prism. I labeled this one "2."

Is there something that I'm missing? How would one go about making a 3d shape in Flash that looks/acts like the sponge ball image at the beginning of this post?