Hey Flashkit

I am proud to announce that we just released yet another Player.IO feature called Sitebox. Sitebox allows you to build fully featured websites and Facebook applications without having to worry about servers, hosting etc.

The system differentiates itself from other services that promises to put your game on Facebook by being completely open ended. You have control over everything, the html, the design, the application structure etc. Additionally it allows you to do deep integrations, giving you the opportunity to reward users for sharing the application and inviting friends.

As with all our services Sitebox is tightly integrated with our other offerings such as our hosted Multiplayer service, our hosted database solution BigDB and GameFS file and asset hosting.

Building a socially integrated Facebook game might seem like a lot of work so we build a fairly complex example game called Seedlings to help people get started. You can try seedlings here: http://apps.facebook.com/seedlings/. The entire game is released under a completely open license, including all source and graphics.

A video tutorial of how to get started with GameFS and the Seedlings game can be seen here: http://playerio.com/showcase/seedlings-sitebox-example/ (Might take a bit to start showing the video)

I personally used the Sitebox solution to make a Facebook application for Everybody Edits in a day. The Facebook application can be seen here: http://apps.facebook.com/everedits/