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Thread: sync mute button and volume bar

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    sync mute button and volume bar

    I'm creating a movie with an FLVPlayback component. I used the standard Play/Pause, Mute and Volume Bar components supplied with CS5.

    I have had no problem getting the individual components to work by themselves... the play/pause button plays or pauses, the mute button mutes, and the volume slider controls the volume. But how do I set the volume bar to 0 when the mute button is on, restore the original volume when the mute button is turned off, and turn on/off the mute button if the volume bar is dragged?

    I'm completely new to AS3. Thanks for any help.

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    You'll need to put a listener on the FLVPlayback to hear if it's muted or not, and then manually set the volume to 0.

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    Track the volume via variable and as mentioned previous test if mute or not. If not, then reset the volume to the stored value.
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