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Thread: No distribution for my fighting game :(

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    No distribution for my fighting game :(

    I have created "NERD ZERO" a fairly simple martial art style game (remake of Renegade for 8 bits Nintendo) with a story line of the nerd fights back scenario. I published it to the big portals but it didn't get distributed at all. I only get 200 plays a day and I consider it as a very decent game. What's wrong with it? Or is it the market? Here the link:

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    This is in MY opinion what I think is hindering this game of being decent.

    1. bad aspec ratio on the font and all pixels of the gfx making it look terrible.
    2. no sound or music
    3. donno... played it for 20 sec...

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    200 plays? that? wow...flash market seems to be getting better

    1) improve graphics
    2) add music and sound
    3) improve controls(why do I have to hit left while the enemy is on my right?)
    4) improve gameplay
    5) repeat steps 1 to 4
    If you like me, add me to your friends list .

    PS: looking for spriters and graphics artists for a RPG and an Arcade fighting project. If you can help out, please pm me!

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    Dude.. no score, no health, no lives,difficulty seems static...game seems to continue forever lol. On the plus side the AI seems to be in good shape. Taking down 2 guys simultaneously was fun!
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