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Thread: Mp4 Settings

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    Mp4 Settings

    I've been trying to use .mp4 files instead of .flv files so that it will play in Flash and on silly mobile devices that do not support Flash. I used to import my original AVI into Flash and make it an flv, but now I'm using Quicktime Pro to make it an mp4. The problem is that if I even get a quality that is comparable to my flv, the mp4 of the same video is A LOT bigger in file size (and the mp4 is still not quite as clear as the flv). Has anyone found some good settings for exporting an mp4 with good quality and not having a file size way bigger than an flv?

    The original videos are 720x480 (0.91 NTSC DV) at 29.97fps 48hz audio
    I am exporting the flv to 420x280 at 400bps 80k audio mono
    the mp4 is 420x280 h264 25fps 80k audio mono

    Thanks for any help with this
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