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Thread: Black lines on sides of video (not html)

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    Black lines on sides of video (not html)

    I have a flv video embedded within another flash file and am using a customized skin for the player. No matter what I do though, there's a black border on the sides of the video (but none on top). I've tried putting a border over top of it in the skin file, resizing the video and the skin, but nothing seems to get rid of it.

    Any suggestions?

    Here's a screenshot: http://filebox.vt.edu/users/csmurray.../vidborder.jpg

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    Decided I would embed the screenshot to make it easier..

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    could be a couple of things.
    First, the black lines could have been introduced into the original, unedited version of the video file and/or rendered a just slightly less width than needed, hence the video isn't wide enough to touch both sides. Go back and look at the original, not the .flv version.
    Second it could be that the screen size in the fla is set just a little wider than .flv dimensions, hence, the black lines. Even a pixel or two will do that.
    If you are using NetStream to play the video, you can trace the metadata, including the exact video dimensions with this:
    ns.onMetaData = function(myMeta) { 
    	for (var i in myMeta) { 
    		trace(i + ":\t" + myMeta[i]) 
    Then set your player screen dimensions to exactly that.
    To test without knowing the metadata, change the screen dimension in one dimension only, make it wider or taller, but not both at the same time. You should be able to produce black bars on top/bottom and/or on the sides by distorting the video, taking it out of the correct aspect ratio.
    That may illustrate where the problem is.
    A third possibility is that the player display screen is raised up a couple pixels, as well as not correctly sized, so the black shows on the sides from incorrect size on black shows along the bottom (at least it looks like a black line on the bottom)from the screen been slightly out of position.
    Best of luck to ya!
    Video Man

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    i had something similar once and i tried EVERYTHING and could not get rid of the black lines so i finally made a mask layer over it and drew a rectangle that fit the video (without the black lines) and that worked!

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