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Thread: Seek Rules for Progressive Download?

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    Seek Rules for Progressive Download?

    I have a progressive NetStream set up and working fine for my f4v files.

    My question - assume I'm playing back a 2 min video of a server by progressive download.

    Is there any way to get the NetStream to seek to 1 minute into the video and start loading and playing back the content from there BEFORE it has finished downloading the content for the movie between say 15 seconds and 59 seconds? Or do I have to wait for the content to have downloaded up to the 1 minute mark before I can start a seek from 1 minute or a later cue point in the movie?

    Is what I am trying to do only possible by using a media server rather then progressive download?


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    Coorect, you can't accomplish that seek to 60 seconds with progressive downloading.
    And one option is to use a streaming media server.
    A second option is to use HTTP pseudo streaming.
    Google for more info, but this will get you started:
    Good luck!
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