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Thread: Button to act in other movieclip in same flash

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    Question Button to act in other movieclip in same flash

    Let's see, how can I describe my problem so you know what I am talking about....if unclear, let me know so I can try to rephrase it

    I found a free flash template that simulates pages of a book.
    Once this book is open, the two pages are defined as independent movie clips (but not a separate flash files according to the properties).

    Question: How can I program a button on one page (movieclip) to have a response on the opposing page (the other movieclip)?

    I tried using the

    " .onRelease = function ()}"

    combined with
    "gotoAndStop" and a frame number

    adding the name of the movie clip, but it doesn't seem to work (don't get an error about the syntax) as nothing happens once I click the button.

    Anyone understands my issue and has me a solution?

    Thanks so much !!


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    paths, maybe? From the button parent timeline (1st mc):

    btn.onRelease = function () {

    All instances have to be present for this to work.


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