I got some games that needs to be recorded and put on YouTube, but the problem with Flash games (and so far Flash games ONLY) is that it doesn't like to be recorded.

Too bad Fraps and the like doesn't work, so only way for me to record Flash games is using Camtasia, but I can't get a steady and smooth fps. It doesn't matter if I'm recording a 100x100 or a 500x500 screen, or if the computer is 2 times slower than the one I'm using now, or 2 times faster. I've tried it all, even asked some friends to try, all end up with the same result; very jerky recording.

The games runs in 30fps, so I ofc record in 30fps, but Camtasia doesn't capture it in perfect 30fps, it skips frames often. I got no problem getting better results recording anything else.

I searched on google and found people with the same problem, for some disabling hardware acceleration did the trick, but not for me or any of my buddies.

So, anyone know how to record Flash games in a fully working way?