Hey people of FlashKit

I am proud to announce that we've released our in-game payments solution at Player.IO, with support for micro- and macro-transactions, secure item management, awesome analytics and administrative interfaces for both developers & support teams and much, much more.

We're calling it PayVault, and you can read more about it here:


PayVault integrates with many different payment providers, such as PayPal, SocialGold, Kongregate, SuperRewards and Gambit, so you can work with exactly the payment providers you want, and effortlessly switch between them any time.

PayVault supports direct purchases of items in addition to the virtual currency, so you can sell big items such as memberships or beta access without introducing a complete virtual currency system to your players.

If you choose a virtual currency system your currency is not shared with games from other vendors. Currency bought in your game can only be used in your game, and you keep the entire amount paid by the user. After all, if your game is good enough to get players to pull out their real-world wallet, you should be able to keep all the earnings!

PayVault also differs from other in-game payments systems by being completely open-ended. There are no forced branding or UI elements in your game, so you can tailor the payment experience directly to your game and players.

Even better we won't take a percentage of your transactions. You create the account directly with the payment provider and we will only charge a 0.05$ flat fee per paid transaction.

You can use PayVault as a standalone feature, or you can combine it with the other Player.IO services to build better games in less time than ever.

As always feel free to write me directly with questions and feedback. You can even do it on email via chris at player.io