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Thread: A few questions, im new :)

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    Question A few questions, im new :)

    Hey Everyone

    So i'm new to flash and i'm very interested in creating simple games and animations, hopefully with time i aim to make an rpg

    Anyway, having followed a few tutorials online for creating a simple shooter which records your score (The one from Kirupa.com) I was wondering if someone could help me enhance the game.

    Firstly i was wondering how i could add a sound effect whenever the players score goes over a certain score. For example each time the player shoots a dragon they gain 5 points, however when they reached 50 points a sound would play and every 50 points there after.

    I would also like a textbox to appear with the sound saying somthing silly like "OH MY GOD YOUR AMAZING" etc

    Could someone help me with the process?


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    something like
    if((score%50)==0 && score>lastScore)
       msgBox.display("A silly message");
       lastscore = score;
    there is no msgBox.display is flash though, you have to write your own object for that.
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