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Thread: Fonts and CS5

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    Fonts and CS5

    Okay, I seriously might break something. How the hell does Adobe make Fonts so difficult in Flash...

    Step 1: Open CS5
    Step 2: Create textfield (dynamic, classic). Name instance MyTextField
    Step 3: Select font Helvetica (Style: 45 Light)
    Step 4: In actions, type MyTextField.htmlText = "<b>Bold</b>. Not bold";

    Why when I export is it not showing up as expected? I tried MyTextField.embedFonts = true, tried using style sheets, but nothing seems to work.

    My head hurts. Ever since I started working with Flash (10 years ago) making fonts work takes a day of work and an asprin.
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    1. Set embedFonts to true for the textfield, just like you are doing
    2. Use the htmlText property, just like you are doing.
    3. You have to embed both the regular and the bold versions of your font, and set both of them to "export for actionscript." You can embed the font in CS5 either by using the properties panel (Embed button) or by right-clicking in the library "New Font.."

    Since you have to export both regular and bold versions of the font, this kind of feels like embedding two fonts. Also, if you want to use italics, you will have to embed that version of the font, too.

    I know what you mean about fonts and Flash. I have spent some long hours myself just solving what really ought to be easy, basic stuff.

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