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Thread: 3D DisplayObject problem - i dont want 3d

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    uk... fine thanks

    3D DisplayObject problem - i dont want 3d


    Heres a new problem to me, working in CS5 creating a game in AS3 having problems with this warning

    Warning: 3D DisplayObject will not render. Its dimensions (8704, 4894) are too large to be

    To be clear - i dont want to use 3d DisplayObjects - how can i turn them off or make sure a movieclip isnt trying to be 3d in the fla

    Do i have to find a way to manage movieclip sizes or can i just stop them trying to render as bitmap in 3d?

    Thanks for any help!
    //over and out

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    Your dimensions are too big for anything you want to do. You need to drastically reduce the size of your object. You cannot turn off the 3D property.
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