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Thread: Lip Sync Problems!

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    Lip Sync Problems!

    Hi all,

    I'm somewhat new to Flash, I'm developing an animated series and it has been one nightmare after another.

    So the current problem I've been having, is I put an audio track in the timeline so I can lip sync. (By the way, my animation file's set to 30fps) So I attempted to lip sync by scrubbing the timeline and swapping mouths according to what I hear (and it also corresponds to the visual waveform displayed in the timeline).

    However, using this method, during playback the mouths are moving WAY slower than the audio. This occurs not only by pressing ENTER, but by exporting an AVI or whatever as well. So I went back and adjusted the mouth swapping so the first spoken word appears correct during playback, but on the timeline the mouth swapping for the first word ends way before the audio for the word is finished. There's no way I'm supposed to animate by estimating what to do, and I'm lost on animating even the second word in the sentence.

    What on earth is going on, and how do I get the timeline to match playback?

    By the way, if necessary, I'm running CS4 on XP64. The computer's not lagging.

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    I don't think this is the right forum category to post in, but I'll try to help.

    If you notice through out your whole movie that the sound is slightly off even though in the .fla it's correct you might have to move the audio layer back a few frames, it's worked for me when exporting to a .mov.

    Flash sometimes does this. I have the layer with the audio on it and I animate all the mouth actions and everything to the wave lengths and syllables. When I export it to a .swf it's completely off, not in sync at all.

    So this is what I do to fix it. I make a layer right above the audio layer. On that layer put one key frame where the audio begins and one key frame where the audio ends. I then create a movie clip symbol on that layer (you can make a circle or just anything you want visually for it, no one will see anything anyway) off the play screen and put the audio inside of the movie clip. Make sure you switch the sync setting from 'event' to 'stream'.

    Putting the audio in a movie clip might fix it, but I'm not 100% sure if this movie clip trick would work for the avi export because I think only .swf's utilize movie clips.
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    Is you sound set to "Stream" ?
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