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    Code Problem


    I am having a problem with this. The code only works for one of the more links on the page. When I click on the other they all show the same text. How would I change the text to open with different text. Hope that makes sense.

    on(rollOut, releaseOutside){gotoAndPlay(11);}
    on (release) {
    _root.scrHEIGHT = 240;
    _root.scroller._x = 250;
    _root.scroller._y = 300.69999999999999;
    _root.TM_title = "Latest News";
    _root.READ = 1;

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    one possibility: you could have all your texts in an array. then all your buttons have a var called "itemNum" that goes from 0 to x and corresponds with the text in the array. you then fill the text field in your scroller with the respective text.
    Actionscript Code:
    _root.allTexts = ["text1", "text2", "text3"];
    button01.itemNum = 0;
    button02.itemNum = 1;
    button03.itemNum = 2;

    button01.onRelease = function(){
    // put all you stuff here, plus:
    _root.scroller.yourTextFieldName.text = _root.allTexts[this.itemNum];
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