I'm at the end of my rope here and don't know where to look anymore. I'm troubleshooting a bigger project by working on only the one element giving me grief. I've done this hundreds of times before but am getting the Netstream error.

So, to troubleshoot, all I'm doing is creating a new Flash (CS5) document, importing the encoded f4v file and it's giving me the following:

NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound : Adobe Flash tried to play a live or recorded stream that does not exist. Source can't be found.

Thing is, it's a local file and I'm importing it the way I've always imported the files. In fact I worked on a similar project just 8 months ago so I opened that file and reimported THAT projects f4v file no problem. I've recreated the footage I'm trying to import, dropped compression, added compression, tried Final Cut, Premiere, even iMovie - something is telling Flash there is a source file linked to the f4v somehow.

Help?! All I need is to play the video. It won't even load though......