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Thread: iPhone workarounds

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    iPhone workarounds

    Can anyone give me a good workaround where I can use Flash and somehow have it display on an iPhone? Thanks.

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    The short answer is that you can't display Flash on the iPhone.
    But you can use swfobject and create alternate content so that if no Flash browser plugin is detected by swfobject, alternate content will be displayed, such as a .mov.
    Here is a working example of how to display Flash on an iPhone... well sort of:
    using swfobject, the page detects if the viewers browser has the Flash plugin, if it does, it displays the Flash video, if not, it displays the .mov, for things like the iPhone. The page also illustrates how to sandwich Flash between two layers of HTML... that's why the text may look a little funny.
    View the source code to see how this is done.
    I'm using swfobject 1.5 because I thinks it's just easier to use and just as effective as newer versions. But here's a link to the latest version:
    Pay special attention how to create your alt content. Then just make that alt content, something the iPhone will display.... it may mean that you convert your Flash into another format, such as a .mov.
    Best of luck to ya!
    Video Man

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    Got ya. Thanks for the info

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