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Thread: Help. What is Error #2126

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    Help. What is Error #2126

    I moved some code that works perfect on the Actions layer, into a class, and I get this error.

    ArgumentError: Error #2126: NetConnection object must be connected.

    can anyone help me? I can't seem to find any good documentation on this one.


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    You would get the error if you
    1. forgot to connect (this line)
    nc.connect (null);

    or 2. misplaced the line:
    nc = new NetConnection();
    ns = new NetStream(nc);
    nc.connect (null);

    or 3. if you instantiate the the NetConnection and NetStream when you declare the variables:
    private var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
    private var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);

    Correct order:
    nc = new NetConnection();
    nc.connect (null);
    ns = new NetStream(nc);
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