Hey everyone,

I'm working on a 5 minute flash file that contains some video and high resolution graphics. I'm looking to export this into a compressed avi.

Under different circumstances, I would try to compile this in a program such as AfterEffects or Premiere but because my comfort level is highest in flash, I chose this route. To provide a gauge of size, when I export the flash file to an swf it comes out to 50MB.

The issue is that each time I attempt to export the file as an avi using a variety of compressions (DIVX, AVI, H.264), the export is unexpectedly ends around 5%. When I attempt to export an uncompressed version instead, I receive an error that Flash CS3 has run out of memory (I'm running an Alienware M17x with 8g of RAM). I've done fresh computer reboots to free up as much memory as possible but the result thus far has been the same. Admittedly, I'm aware that Flash was not designed to handle long videos such as the one I'm working on, and yet I'm hoping for some kind of solution.

I've also downloaded some SWF to AVI converters but I received errors suggesting that the file was too large to manage.

Can someone please offer some advice as to how I can go about exporting this file to an avi. It would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help,