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Thread: Making a moving road in Flash

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    Making a moving road in Flash


    I want to make a road in flash. You got a road with white stripes on it but it aint moving. I want the stripes to come at you to make it like you are driving the road.... Its not a straigt road but diagonal and dissapearing at the eind of the horizon... Does someone know how I can make this like it is real? It has to loop over and over again...



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    If the road is going to twist and turn then ignore what I'm gonna say.

    I don't know what you mean by not straight but diagonal, will the driver still be driving straight? If so then you could have a MovieClip and draw the road, then on a different layer draw the white stripes and animate them to move for like one or two seconds. Make sure you animate the stripes such that the first frame is almost or exactly the same as the last frame so when it loops it'll look seamless.

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