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Thread: Dual exe full screen

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    Dual exe full screen


    I am using the latest flash player 10.2 with support for dual full screen on win 7 and vista (have tried this on two machines and same problem on both)

    I have created many flash exe files over the last 18 month and some of them will work full screen but any new ones i create will not, despite the recent flash update.

    basically the exe's are intended to run full screen and since some of them where created using Flash cs4 and some using Flash cs5 when I look at the properties of the files i see two different version numbers.

    10.0 r2 works
    10.1 r52 does not

    The 10.0 r2 will allow me to run two files on dual monitor at full screen, but the 10.1 r52 will only allow me to run one at full screen and kick the other out of full screen.

    How do i create files in the version 10.0 r2, as all exe files I create now in CS5 seem to output at 10.1 r52.

    Hope this is clear thanks in advance.
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    First, you need to find a copy of the 10.0r2 Standalone player. You can get this from the Flash player archive at Adobe. Once you have that, start a copy and drag your SWF onto the player window. Finally, go the File menu and select Create Projector. Give it a name and you're done.

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